Haunted by bugs

My journey through the world of software botches

Walking through the streets of Germany, unsuspecting... But what's that?! A bug is approaching. Careful and on guard, the man pulled his weapon and took a snap. Then he did what everyone would do, whose life is condemned to be hounded by software botches; he created a website to show his suffers.

Of course, in the world of software programming, everyone botches sometimes. I'm not proud of it, but certainly I do it myself sometimes. These posts are not to blame somebody, but rather to enjoy some uncritical software bugs.

This is the journey of a man always on guard, always being hounded by software bugs.

There he was. Waiting at a train station, unknowing that a bug was silently approaching.
Well, " encoding can be hard sometimes "

Cookies are getting quite expensive these days.

While trying to buy something from the butcher, he noticed.
Something was wrong here.

Driven by hunger, he almost missed this subtle bug.

While waiting in the line of a supermarket, slowly turning around, he saw the inevitable.
An exception has been thrown!